Catcher in the rye

Topics: Fraud, The Catcher in the Rye, Perception Pages: 4 (981 words) Published: December 3, 2014
 Holden Caulfield is a teenage boy living in a society in which he believes to be full of hypocrites and "phonies". Everything with any connection to his life he believes to be a phony. From teachers to his friends, to people he does not even know. Holden always found some kind of a reason to give off the impression that he is superior because they are just fake. He is in belief that he is capable of understanding everything about a person just by looking at them and judging their first impression. Holden seems to almost have an obsession with people being phony. He explains that children are innocent but once they reach a point in their lives where they can almost be taken seriously, he strives to find phoniness in somebody's personality and only judges based on good or bad. Holden is the narrator of the novel, and because he is prone to excessive sarcasm, the accuracy of many of his ideas about phoniness cannot be verified. His reasoning for many of his ideas on why someone or something is a phony seem very arbitrary and ludicrous, but some seem to be quite legitimate even if the novel is biased in that sense. Phoniness seems to be the most used expression throughout the book and Holden seems to very fond of observing people and pointing out the good and bad in them, including their phoniness. Throughout the book, Holden portrays almost every other character to be a phony except for Jane and his younger sister Phoebe. But besides those two, everybody and everything is a phony. Including, Holden's school, Pencey Prep, All of his friends, and Holden Caudfield. Pencey Prep is perceived to be a perfect school for young boys. The school claims to shape young boys into fine young gentlemen. Holden is in belief that the school has a goal to prepare students to become phonies for the adult world. Pencey Prep uses the saying "Since 1888 we have been molding boys into splendid, clear-thinking young men.", which Holden completely disagrees with. Holden claims the...
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