Catcher in the Rye

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Chapter 20

Holden is in a bar listening to Babe Valencia that sang better than Old Tina and Janine. He told the headwaiter to ask old Valencia if she’d care to join him for a drink, but the head waiter didn’t gave her the message. Eventually he got drunk and went out where the telephones where and wanted to call old Jane but he wasn’t in the mood and finally decided to call old Sally Her grandmother answered, after talking with her, Holden convinced her to put Sally on the phone but after a while Sally realized he was dunked and hung up. Then he returned to the bar, and ask the piano man that played with Valencia if he can give her his message but he refuse to do it to and leave the please. He started to cry, but he didn’t know why. Holden leaved the bar, and tryed to get a bus, but he couldn’t so he started to walk over the park. He was looking for the ducks but didn’t find them. Then something terrible happened, he dropped old Phoebe’s record and all he could do is to pick up all the pieces. He sat on a bench and because it was so cold he started thinking that he was going to cough pneumonia and he was going to die and remember what happen in the funeral of Allie.

Chapter 21
Holden decided to go home with Phoebe because he thinks he was going to die from pneumonia. He arrived to his house and start looking for Phoebe, he was on D.B. room. After watching all the stuff around the room and Phoebe’s notebooks he awaked her. Phoebe was very glad to see Holden, and they were talking about a letter she wrote to him, about a play in the school, and that she wanted him to be there. Also they talked about her parents, about a new movie Phoebe watched, if D.B. was going o go on Christmas and about a boy that pushed Phoebe down the stairs and so on. Suddenly in the middle of the conversation Phoebe discovered that Holden was kicked out of school.

Old Valencia
The piano man
Old Tina and Janine
Sally Hayes
Sally’s grandmother
Pete (the elevator boy)
The Dicksteins (neighbors)
Alice Holmborg and Selma Atterbury (Phoebe’s friends)
Curtis Weintraub (boy)


Boisterous: rough and noisy; noisily jolly or rowdy; clamorous; unrestrained

Wounded: suffering injury or bodily harm, as a laceration or bullet wound: to bandage a wounded hand.

Concealing: To keep from being seen, found, observed, or discovered; hide

Witty: Possessing or demonstrating wit in speech or writing; very clever and humorous.

Spooky: Suggestive of ghosts or a ghost; eerie.

Creak: To make a grating or squeaking sound

Skip: To move by hopping on one foot and then the other.

Nickel: A U.S. coin worth five cents, made of a nickel and copper alloy.

Foyer: An entrance hall; a vestibule.

Bloodhound: One of a breed of hounds with a smooth coat, drooping ears, sagging jowls, and a keen sense of smell. Plastered: Intoxicated; drunk.

Chapter 22
Holden returns to Phoebe’s room and eventually gets her to listen. He tries to explain why he fails his classes and tells her all the things he hates about school. She responds by accusing him of hating everything. He tries to refute her claim, and she challenges him to name one thing he likes. He also thinks about James Castle, a boy he knew at Elkton Hills School who jumped out of a window to his death while being tormented by other boys. He finally tells her that he likes Allie, and she reminds him angrily that Allie is dead. She asks what he wants to do with his life. Holden says that he imagines a gigantic field of rye on a cliff full of children playing. He wants to stand at the edge of the cliff and catch the children when they come too close to falling off. Phoebe points out that Holden has misheard the words.

• Pimply: grains
• Jerks: idiot
• Cockeyed: cross-eyed
• Squealed: cry

Chapter 23...
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