Catcher and the Rye

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The Catcher in the Rye 5 Paragraph Essay

Directions: Write a five paragraph essay on one of the following topics. Provide specific examples from the text and quotes that are relevant and effectively explained to prove your point.

Select ONE of the following topics:

1) Holden Caulfield is considered to be the poster child for teenagers and the problems they face while growing up. With that in mind, argue whether or not Holden deserves to be considered the icon of the teenage experience today.

2) Argue if Holden’s problems mainly occur because the world in which he lives is not conducive to the growth of an individual or if Holden’s problems are mainly a result of a character flaw. In your writing, justify Holden’s actions in relation to the world in which he lives or justify the world for rejecting Holden and his actions.

3) Argue whether The Catcher in the Rye should retain its status as a literary classic. Consider the elements that make a book a literary classic and consider if this novel fits that mold.

4) Explain three ways that this novel fits the ironic age of literature. Provide specific examples from the text to justify each of your points.


1. Introduction (12 Points)
-Attention Grabber (5 Points)
-Thesis (7 Points)
2. Three Body Paragraphs (21 Points Each, 63 Total Points)
-Topic Sentences (3 Points Each)
-Clincher Sentences (with dependent clause starting the sentences: because, although, due to, as a result, if, since) (3 Points Each)
-1 direct quote per paragraph (5 Points Each)
-Content (10 Points Each)
3. Conclusion Paragraph (8 Points)
-Restate thesis + quick summary (3 Points)
-Answers the questions “so what?” (5 Points)
4. Conventions (10 Points)
5. Fluency (7 Points)

| 3 or below| 4 or 3.5| 5 or 4| 6 or 4.5| 7 or 5|
Attention Grabber| Intro is vague and off topic. Does not contain an attention grabber.| Intro barely introduces the topic and may be...
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