Catch Us If You Can

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by Catherine MacPhail

Synopsis (Chapter by Chapter)


Class: 5 AMANAH


Rory and his granda were at the clinic. It was time for Granda’s regular check-up. Mister McIntosh, Rory’s granda, took a puff of his pipe. They met a young girl with a baby. The baby’s name was Lorelei. Granda linked the name to some past films. Granda’s pocket was on fire and the smoke alarm in the clinic went off. Rory took a vase full of water and poured it on his granda. He managed to put out the fire. Rory’s actions upset his granda. Dr Nicol was Rory and his granda’s family doctor. Dr Nicol asked Rory about his granda’s condition, Rory assured the doctor that his granda that his granda was taking all his pills. However, he showed some signs of forgetfulness. Dr Nicol suggested that they got a home help. He felt that Rory was taking on too much responsibility for his age. Granda protested to the idea of a home help. Dr Nicol was on the phone over Rory’s case.


Rory was looking for his homework. Mrs Foley, his teacher noticed that Rory had forgotten his homework three times that week. Rory could not find his homework. He finally realized that his granda had thrown his homework down the rubbish chute. What Rory found was a bag of eggshells and potato peelings in his bag. Rory told Darren Fisher, his best friend about his homework. Rory’s classmates were fond of his granda. They loved his stories. Rory told Mrs Foley he lost his homework. Mrs Foley asked Rory about his granda and Rory said that his granda was fine. He also informed Mrs Foley that his granda would be attending Parents’ Night. Mrs Foley wanted Rory to stay back to do his homework. Rory refused by saying that his granda had made lunch and would be waiting for him. In actual fact, Rory had to go to the baker’s and get lunch for his granda. He also had to make sure that his granda took his pills.


Mr Hood wanted Rory to come for football practice . Rory lied and said that he disliked football. He said that he used to like football when he was younger but not anymore. Darren commented that Rory is “turning into a lassie”. For that, Darren was kicked in the shin by Mary Bailey. She detested the statement made by Darren. Darren insisted that Rory should be on the team. Mr Hood led Mary Bailey to the headmaster’s office for starting a fight. Darren suggested that Rory put his granda in Rachnadar, a hospital for old people. Rory was upset and ran home. Upon arriving home, Rory found his granda making potato chips out of apples. He had mistaken the bag of applesfor potatoes. Rory also had to coach Granda how to behave during Parents’ Night. That night, Rory asked his granda about his father, Granda’s son. Granda had him when he was 45 years old. The boy was spoilt by both Granda and Gran. He got everything that he wanted. Granda also told Rory about his mother. She was a nice lady. She died of a broken heart when Rory’s father left her. Granda told his son never to come back again. Rory could not find out more about his father as Granda would get so angry that he could not talk about it. In bed, Rory thought of Mrs Foley who always asked about his granda’s condition and the suggestion made by Darren’s mum to put Granda in a home.


Rory and his granda went for Parents’ Night but they were late. Granda was wearing slippers and had to go home and change. Rory reminded Granda not to call Mrs Foley, “Holy Foley”. Granda went to the toilet and insisted that he would find his way back to the classroom. Rory waited for his granda. All the while he was worried, he remembered the incident at the cinema where Granda landed up at home after having gone to the toilet. Rory was relieved when Granda came back to the classroom. Granda hung his coat and met up with Mrs Foley. Mrs Foley talked about Rory’s...
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