Catch Me If You Can

Topics: Confidence trick, Catch Me If You Can, Federal Bureau of Investigation Pages: 3 (837 words) Published: October 17, 2010
Yara Hassan
Period 8
Catch Me If You Can, Frank Abagnale with Stan Redding

1. Frank Abagnale- tall, thin, clean cut, very intelligent, cunning, mysterious, nice, caring.
Frank Abagnale was the main character, an innocent boy who was from a newly broken home and sought amusement in conning people into giving him money. This became his profession at age 17 and was successful until age 20. He was smart and daring. He observed situations which helped him accomplish his schemed. In each situation Abagnale changed himself to fit the persona he needed to pull off his schemes. Throughout the novel he pretends to be a doctor, lawyer, writer and sociology professor.

2. Rosalie- blonde hair, catholic girl, still virgin, innocent, understanding, kind, adventurous, conned.
Rosalie and Frank met when he was pretending to be the Pam Am pilot Frank Williams and they started to date. Frank fell in love with her and they visited her parents and Rosalie started to plan their wedding. Frank felt compelled to tell her his true identity if they were to be married, but when he did she turned him in and he ran away and never spoke to her again.

3. Armand Periguex- 75, husky, old, traditional, kind, caring, loves to tell stories.
Armand and Frank were neighbors when he moved to France (Montpellier) and acted as a writer. Armand would go over Frank’s house and tell him stories about wine and the vineyard and his life. They become quite close during his residence in France.

4. O’Riley- hard-headed, determined, ambitious.
O’Riley was the head of the FBI agent in charge of Frank Abagnale’s case and followed his footprints to try and catch him.

1960’s -1970’s; all over the world

* Frank Abagnale is the number one con artist in the United States and this book tells all of his stories about how he got away with his scams. * His first scam fueled the decision to continue and grow with his ability...
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