Catalonia And Spain At The Crossroads: Article Analysis

Topics: Spain, Catalonia, Francisco Franco / Pages: 6 (1489 words) / Published: Apr 1st, 2018
In the journal article, “Catalonia and Spain at the crossroads: financial and economic aspects” (2014), author Antoni Castells states the negative economic consequences Catalonia would face if they were to secede. He does this by giving the numerous statistics on Catalonia’s role in Spain and how secession would end up in hurting the economy of both states such as how Catalonia makes up 18.9% of Spain’s GDP (282), which is the equivalent to 200 billion Euros (2012), and secession would not only be detrimental to the Spanish economy, but Catalonia’s as well because Spain is Catalonia’s top export customer and because of the border effect, secession would lead to an 80% decrease in commerce with not only Spain but Portugal as well (291). The purpose of the author’s article is to provide readers with unfavorable statistics in order inform readers on how secession less appealing in practicality than in theory for the Catalan region. Castell uses a rational tone in throughout his article but especially when he provides the two forms, cash-flow and benefit approach, to calculate the difference between the …show more content…
She states that there was a unanimous vote that concluded “Under the Spanish Constitution, a region does not have the power to unilaterally call a referendum on self-determination to decide on its integration in Spain”. The purpose of Graciela’s article is to address the actions Catalonia is taking in hopes to obtain independence in order to clarify that Catalonia’s declaration was not against the law, but against the “framework” of Spain’s constitution. She uses a vague tone indicating her undecided position on Catalonia’s independence movement to target her audience of Catalan citizens unaware of the reasons why Catalonia’s declaration of sovereignty is considered

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