cat's cradle and vaccination against smallpox

Topics: Smallpox, Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle Pages: 4 (1325 words) Published: March 13, 2014
Although society has evolved, to this day humanity will do whatever seems necessary to stay informed in order to survive. Throughout history and culture there is a common trend that we still believe in survival of the fittest. Whether that’s trying to find a cure of a disease, making sure that we do not destroy our future, or placing a certain group above the other because of the time period. We try to understand what has happened in the past and predict the future so we can survive. Using Cat’s Cradle, the Vaccination Against Smallpox and museum exhibits, I argue that human knowledge is driven by the will to survive. The exhibit “Changing of the Earth” at the Franklin Institute shows that change is a necessity in order to survive. “Changing Earth” not only teaches the evolution of earth but predicting what will happen to Earth in the future as well. The exhibit shows the impact of how earth changing will have on our lives. The exhibit informs that while many species have evolved along with the earth, we as humans are the first species to understand our impact on earth. In Cat’s Cradle, Kurt Vonnegut focuses on not how the bomb worked but how the bomb came about, the effect that bomb had on society. “My book is going to emphasize the human rather than the technical side of the bomb, so recollecting of the day through the eyes of a ‘baby’ if you’ll pardon my expression, would fit in perfectly” (Vonnegut 7). A theme throughout the book is the consciousness and existence of life. This is shown throughout the book when Vonnegut is talking about the bombing of Hiroshima and the creation of ice-nine, both of which from one stand point helps humanity and on the other, destroying humanity. Placing more of an importance of certain life’s than others. The exhibit shows how the earth is constantly transforming and it is up to us to either help the earth grow or end it. The exhibit and book shows how the future of the earth rest in the hands of children. It is society’s job...

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