Cat in the Rain - Woman the Inequality

Topics: Ernest Hemingway, Lost Generation, American literature Pages: 10 (3717 words) Published: November 14, 2010
The author’s expression about the isolated life of the wife provides much more understanding about rights of women in the society in that time are not respected. It has been expressed by the desire of the wife, and the husband just ignored her. B.OBJECTIVES

In this paper I will go through this work and analyze the isolated life of the wife to understand that rights of women in that time are not respected and the marital problem of the American couple. C.RESEARCH QUESTIONS

(1) What are the theme and context of the story?
(2) What is the background of the society in the work “Cat in the rain”? (3) What in the work “Cat in the rain” can show the reader the inequality of rights of women?  
In this research paper, the main method of study used is library research with the textbook of this subject, the sources from the internet include comments, essays, analyze and the quotations. B.LITERATURE REVIEW

Darren Felty mentioned in “Spatial Confinement in Hemingway’s ‘Cat in the Rain’ ” (1997; page 363-369) that: “Many details in Ernest Hemingway’s “Cat in the Rain” suggest the isolation and oppression that George’s wife experiences as she remains confined at the hotel. George and his wife are the “only two Americans stopping at the hotel,” and they do “not know any of the people they passed on the stairs on their way to and from their room,” suggesting the characters' alienation because of their lack of contact with others. The heavy rain seems to restrict the couple to the hotel room, adding to the sense of isolation and confinement. While George silently reads, his wife “stood at the widow looking out," perhaps longing for some type of escape. The view from the window adds to her sense of isolation. “In the good weather there was always an artist with his easel,” the narrator says, but because of the rain, the artist is absent, and “the motor cars were gone from the square. A single waiter “looking out at the empty square” suggests the emptiness that the woman feels, while the oppressive rain “dripped from the palm trees”. “It was raining harder” as the woman leaves the hotel, with "the rain outside and the plight of the huddled cat becoming her objective correlatives for the low estate of her spirit". She considers walking “under the eaves” and then finds her way to a spot “under their window,” with “the maid holding the umbrella over her”. The rainy weather and the repeated references to what exists over the woman symbolize the confinement and oppression under which she is living. "The umbrella," "prevents her full contact with the natural world and the freedom it implies." After unsuccessfully searching for the cat, she experiences an even greater sense of isolation as she returns to the hotel room alone. The woman expresses her dissatisfaction with her life to her husband, but now George “was not listening”. Twice, the narrator describes the woman looking out of the window after she returns to the room. The narrator says that “it was quite dark now and still raining in the palm trees," suggesting that the woman’s unsuccessful search for the cat leaves her feeling even more isolated and confined.” C.AUTHOR AND WORK

Ernest Miller Hemingway (July 21, 1899 – July 2, 1961) was an American writer and journalist. His distinctive writing style—known as the iceberg theory—characterized by economy and understatement, influenced 20th-century fiction, as did his apparent life of adventure and the public image he cultivated. He produced most of his work between the mid-1920s and the mid-1950s, and his career peaked in 1954 when he won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Hemingway's fiction was successful because the characters he presented exhibited authenticity that reverberated with his audience. Many of his works are classics of American literature. He published seven novels, six short story collections, and two non-fiction works...
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