Cat in the Rain

Topics: Ernest Hemingway, Woman, Marriage Pages: 2 (815 words) Published: January 5, 2011
A Woman Hiding From Her Husband
In Ernest Hemingway’s short story, “Cat in The Rain,” the American girl is treated as if she is a pet and not given what she desires. When she tells George all the things that she wants, he tells her to “Oh, shut up and get something to read.”(94) George just doesn’t want to hear it. His wife is almost slave-like to him; any opinions expressed result in George’s responses just to get her to stop talking. He thinks that she is acting childish, and he doesn’t understand why she is acting this way. He does not show her love or make her feel like a woman. What kind of marriage are these two entangled in? Obviously the American wife is putting up with a lot, doing all that she can to please while George tells her how to act, dress, and even wear her hair. This is a typical stereotype of Hemingway; he believed that women should listen to their husbands and abide by their rules, no matter what. Most of Hemingway’s marriages can be summed up by this scene in the story. The setting of the story is a rainy day at a hotel in Italy. Across the street is a café where there is a cat hiding under a table to stay dry. This is significant because at the time this story was written women were not treated fairly. The cat hiding under the table in front of the café means that she is not only hiding, but hungry. Although the couple is on a romantic vacation, George proceeds to ignore his wife. This is evident not only in his manners towards her but also in his lack of involvement in her want for the cat. When the wife says that she wants to go get the cat, George makes a poor attempt at offering to help. Still lying in his same position on the bed, he remains focused on his book, and offers a half-hearted “I’ll get it” (91). This scene in the story can be compared to the love life of Hemingway while he was married to Hadley. Hadley could be compared to the American girl, while the book can be compared to Pauline. While he still loves Hadley...
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