Casual Gamer and Hardcore Gamer

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Competitive gamers, casual gamers and hardcore gamers.

Games are cool. In one form or another, games offer, at the very least, distractive entertainment value to a wide cross-section of the public. Whether the games people play are simple tabletop card games or advanced, futuristic first person shooters, the result is always the same. A person plays a game in order to enjoy a diversion from the normal day-to-day experience.

Competitive gamers and casual gamers both are quite similar as it sounds. It’s all about people who play games. But still, they’re different from one to another. This is how to differentiate these groups of gamers.

Competitive gamers play with spirit and passionately to win a tournament or whatever they’re participating in. The definition of competitive itself is best to describe situations or activities in which people or firms competing with each other. From other perspective, competitive gamer is a gamer who plays for their sponsors, team and for themselves. They fight for the honor and glory for their clans, guild and team.

Now, the definition of casual is more relaxed, meaning that something that we do for fun and it’s only for short period, not permanently. So, a casual gamer is a person who plays games for fun and not for competitive reason as they’re only plays for themselves and technically only for a short period. Basically the different for both competitive gamers and casual gamers is quite enormous.

For example, me, myself is competitive gamer. Until now, I have participated in 6 tournaments including 1 in international stage, which was held in Singapore last year. My team got sponsorship by a local cyber cafe in Malaysia and everything was so good. From casual gamer to hardcore gamer is easy for me. But then again, you have to sacrifice everything; including your time with your friends, family, money etc and also you have to commit yourself to the clan like training and such.

To be honest, I kind of regret that I...
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