Castle Family Resturant Stage 2

Topics: Information systems, Management information system, Employment Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: August 26, 2013
After assessing your business needs I will go into further detail and explain the HRIS application that I think would be beneficial to you and Castle’s Family Restaurant’s. The HRIS that I think would best benefit the company is the Management Information System (MIS). A MIS provides information that organizations require to manage themselves efficiently and effectively. Management information systems are typically computer systems used for managing five primary components: 1.) Hardware, 2.) Software, 3.) Data (information for decision making), 4.) Procedures (design, development and documentation), and 5.) People (individuals, groups, or organizations). Management information systems are distinct from other information systems, in that they are used to analyze and facilitate strategic and operational activities. (Wikipedia, 2013) HRIS TYPE

The MIS system will allow all eight stores to be connected to your location that you work at. This will allow you to cut down the time you spend on the road away from the office and save on spending money on gas. The MIS will provide you with reports, current performance and let you access past information. It will also allow for better planning, control and make important decisions without traveling to each store. The company will be able to maintain proper payroll information for each store via the internet, it will be an easier task because you will be able to access employees weekly work schedule without leaving the office. There will be software that will allow you to process the time sheets and send checks in a timely manner each pay period. With the MIS it will give you a transaction processing system, which records the routine transactions needed to conduct business, such as shipping, sales orders, and office automation systems, which are intended to increase productivity in the office for electronic mail and digital filing. Using the MIS will allow you to concentrate more on things that need to be...

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