Castle's Family Restaurant Stage 2

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Blas Cuevas
DeVry University
Human Resources Information Systems
Professor Janice Goodwin

Stage Two
Giving the situation, Castle’s Family Restaurant will benefit best from a payroll HRIS. Most of the payroll HRIS software on the market organizes and simplifies some form of payroll processing. Payroll is initiated by the employee who begins to keep track of time spend on certain activities. A report is generated through some sort of software or web application that reflect these activities, although some activities are being recorded on hand written forms that then have to be transcribed into a computer. One of the benefits of a payroll system is that it will also conduct necessary accounting and may even print out checks. Along with payroll operations, most HRIS systems also manage benefits information, such as medical coverage, retirement accounts. These payroll functions are tracked and closely tied with other employee information such as salary and paid time off. A payroll HRIS system will take care of these functions and allow Mr. Morgan more time to complete other activities.

Due to its size, Castle’s Family restaurant can be consider to be a relatively small chain and due to that fact, they will have a limited amount of funds that will be available to purchase an HRIS. Due to its limited budget, I would recommend Castle’s Family restaurant to invest and use an application service provider (ASP) service to complete their benefits and payroll needs. ASPs are a way for companies to outsource some or almost all aspects of their information technology needs (Webopedia). In Castle’s situation, they will rent access to data which will be store in a vendor’s server. This option is ideal with a limited amount of resources and support in which Castle’s finds itself. ASP models have lower initial start-up costs and do not require an organization to have a sophisticated IT infrastructure or technical expertise. An ASP can help organizations stay...
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