Casting Crowns

Topics: Debut albums, Religion, God Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: October 14, 2008
Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns is my favorite band, their first album is called Casting Crowns. The first time I heard Casting Crowns, I was in church and the song, Voice of Truth, was playing. Voice of Truth is a beautiful song and actually the first song that got me interested in singing along in church. Just by hearing one song I was so encouraged to sing, and I did not care who was listening to me or what they were thinking. All of Casting Crowns songs are phenomenal, but Voice of Truth is a song that really stands out to me because of the great experience I had with the song.

Voice of Truth talks about the kind of faith you have to have to come out of your comfort zone and stand up for God. The sentence in Voice of Truth, “And he's holding out his hand” puts a great image in my head. I love the thought of God holding his hand out to me. Voice of Truth also talks about how your peers, which in the song it refers to them as 'the waves', are calling out your name and laughing at you, reminding you of all the times you have tried before and failed, but the voice of truth, which is God, says, “Do not be afraid! This is for my glory.” Voice of Truth ends by saying, “ I will choose to listen and believe the voice of truth.” It was really hard for me to come out of my comfort zone at first, but Voice of Truth has encouraged me to do so.

Another great song by Casting Crowns is Life of Praise. Life of Praise talks about how I will love and praise the Lord not just for the things He has done for me and the changes He has made in me, but because He his holy. Life of Praise goes on to talk about how the Lord is your strength when you are weak and your rock that protects you. Basically, Life of Praise is just talking about how great our God is and how we praise Him and love Him because He is our God.

What If His People Prayed is another song that has really touched me. The words in this song are so true and powerful. What If His People Prayed...
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