Caste Reservation

Topics: Poverty, Discrimination, Poverty in the United States Pages: 4 (1083 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Caste based reservation in government jobs and higher education was first introduced during the British rule of India as representation through affirmative action in government jobs and higher education for castes traditionally excluded from government jobs and education such as castes of the Shudra Varna (backward castes) and Dalits (scheduled castes).  Objectives of Reservation:

1:-Uplift lower strata of society
2:-Ensure proper political representation of minority groups 3:-Ensure that minorities are not discriminated in job selections and promotion The caste based reservation system is built around these three objectives. Since the disadvantaged groups of India have been discriminated against for centuries, and are still not protected despite the numerous laws(40% of crimes are committed against this 22% of the population), before equality of opportunity and autonomy, a social safety net is needed – i.e a boost or ladder is required so that the more advanced forms of equality can be introduced and society can be balanced.  "Without access to education, the poor will always be poor"

These things sound great in theory. Opponents of caste based reservation have a valid opposing idea, which practically means: Equality of outcome : By helping people even though they are not have equal credentials/qualifications (reservation gives leeway of 10 - 40% reduction in various parameters in India) it is not equality of opportunity but an unfair playing field - there is no incentive for better performers and it becomesreverse discrimination.

Number of people who benefit from reservation every year:
Education : India has about 436 universities and 25938 colleges with about 2-3 million graduates(if non technical diploma, etc are included) a year as of 2010. Educational institutions are required to surrender 50% of their seats to the government and very few minority run institutions are exempt from this. From that,...

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