Cast Away

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Cast Away (12)

When FedEx time-obsessed engineer Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks) is paged to make an emergency trip to Malaysia, he doesn’t know he won’t see civilization for another four years. Noland endures the harrowing agony of a terrifying plane crash, and finds himself washed ashore on a tiny, deserted speck of an island in the Pacific Ocean.

After an unremarkable let’s-meet-the-characters introduction, Zemeckis creates a terrifying plane crash that leave Hanks washed up on an uninhabited island. Tom Hanks has 80% of the screen time here and takes full advantage of it by showing his acting capability and for more than an hour, the only sounds heard are the islands natural noises. As each minute passes by we start to learn more about the character of Chuck Noland.

We are drawn into Chuck’s long, exhausting journey as he challenges to stay alive so he can make it back to the love of his life (Helen Hunt). A fascinating, and thought-provoking portrait of a man and his fight to live, with a wonderful performance from Hanks.

You may be thinking that a man stranded on an island is not very interesting but this isn’t the case here. In fact Zemeckis pulls out all the stops to make this movie entertaining. Part of this might come from some of the humor in the movie.

On the other hand, Hanks does not show much emotion when he returns to mainland. This lack of emotion in his relationship between Hunt are dulled and we start to not care about the characters feelings.

For one thing, this film contains is a lot of terrifying situations, ranging from the staging of a gripping airplane crash, DIY act of dentistry involving an ice-skate and the discovery of the aircrafts drowned pilot. It delivers such a strong message of fear, survival and hope, that leaves your mind devoted to thinking about it for a long while after.

Although a disappointing finishing on mainland. Cast away maintains a terrific picture of a man...
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