Cast Away

Topics: Personal life, Psychology, Want Pages: 3 (854 words) Published: October 31, 2008
Group A
赵嵘 Zhao Rong

1.The purpose of the movie is showing the changes of the character’s mental state. 2.In the beginning, the leading hero is a person extremely sensitive to time. 3.The lonely life in the island changes him.

4.4 years later, when he comes back, all have changed. He is perplexed. Even though he has enough time, he has no idea what to do. 5.By the contrast, the movie shows that people need a pause for introspection during struggle up.

When Tom Hanks looks around in a crossroads, an untold sad feeling stretching here and there. At the same time, the director’s purpose of shooting the film is clear. The suffering and pain during the 4 years are not the cores, while, showing the changes of the character’s mental state by these are the most attractive. The brilliant contrast is the most important. In the beginning of the film, the leading hero is an executive of FedEx, who is extremely sensitive to controlling time. He pays to much time to work and always ignore his fiancée so that he just gives her the ring before boarding the plane. Persons like him are very universal. They always want to make a schedule, making everything in control. Indeed, this is a behavior of self-expansion, or overbearing. They think that all will go out of order without them. The mental state here is easy to understand. Then, when he is trapped in the island alone, time is seem to be meaningless to him. But he still accords time by engraving the stone. What’s more, he is insisting on keeping responsible for his work. The lonely life of four years is flat. There are no specific scenes or other attractive plots. It’s like a pause in his whole life. During the four years, he learns to care others, even though it is just volleyball. He can introspect what he has done before. At last, just like Robinson, he is saved and comes back home. However, it is cruelly that everything has changed. His fiancée has become a mommy. It is deplorable...
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