Cass 11 Apple Inc.: People and Design

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CASS 11 Apple Inc.: People and Design
Apple sells stylish and functional computers as well as variety of electronic devices, and it operates retail stores. Describe the forces for change tht best help Apple keep its creative edge.
With the recent passing of Steve Jobs, there has been an intense spotlight focused on both the man and the company he built. Most of the attention has rightfully been focused on Jobs’ passion and creativity, as well as the remarkable period of innovation he preside. As a symbolic leader, the man not only once saving the company from bankruptcy but also building up a well-known brand that had integrate with our daily life – Apple. When you think about Apple’s products, what words come to mind? For most people, words such as simple, elegant, and innovative are among the first. Those values were critically important to Steve Jobs, and he instilled them into the Apple company culture. These core values Design and Innovation, Ease and Simplicity, and Quality are the reasons that Apple products that are so excellent, you can walk into any Apple store all over the world and have almost the same experience. The core values influence extends from the highest level executives through all managerial levels down to the workers who create the products or deliver the services of the organisation. From sales associates to top executives, Apple is united by a common culture. With its value-based management, core values of the company can maximize its usage to create an organization as a whole. You can see everyone in the organization reflect the values in day-to-day actions. And it is that those culture ensures that Apple customers enjoy the experience that they have expect whenever they interact with Apple products, such as iPhone, iPad and etc., visiting an Apple store, or even calling Apple’s technical support line.

Should Apple’s board of directors be expecting Steve Jobs to push transformational change or incremental change, or both, at this point in time? Why? How will this change impact Apple’s operations internationally?

October 5, 2011 Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple. The board of directors couldn’t keep expecting him to push transformational change or incremental change at this point in time.

Incremental change bends and adjusts existing ways to improve performance. Common incremental changes in organizations involve evolutions in products, processes, technologies, and work systems. Evolutions lead the products of Apple with more variety and higher technology with more attractive features will dramatically increase its sales all over the world since the company was leading by the man. iPhone 4S best reflect the success of incremental changes which become the 1st leading phone that beat others with the highest sales in the market. By the way of improving working systems, more productive workers will increase the potential of growth of Apple in the future time. For example, the demographics of India can be a major factor for apple to succeed in India. Apple would have to devise a cost leadership strategy while maintaining the product differentiation. Apple would need to devise a Supply chain initiative to maintain its operation. The following segments could be targeted by Apple: There is a huge demand for better processing powers in Business analytics and Market research firms in India. Apple could target these companies, by demonstrating its technical expertise over Microsoft. This would lead to mass awareness of its products, other than the iPhone and iPad.

Transformational change results in a major and comprehensive redirection of organization. Restructuring...
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