Casino Gambling in Hong Kong

Topics: Casino, Gambling, Unemployment Pages: 2 (686 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Recently, there is a storm of controversy over the latest scheme regarding the legalization of casino gambling. Advocates of the proposal reckon that such policy is a hope for the unemployed whereas contenders fear the growth of gambling business will have negative influence to our next generation’s values. Before we have our decision made, let us make an in-depth analysis into both advantages and disadvantages of the issue.

As presumed, the rise of gambling industry is bound to produce job opportunities. To maintain the operation of a casino, it requires any amount of human resources such as a manager to take care of the administration, a security guard to ensure the situation of casino is under control. Most importantly, casinos provide the jobless with a wide variety of low-skilled work. Unlike college graduates, it is not that easy for lowly-educated job seekers to find a permanent job in such a knowledgeable society. Those who lack education is always the majority of unemployment and thus, if these people receive a stable job from the development of casino, a drop of the unemployment rate is about to emerge. As a result, the quality of life within the unemployed is likely to have improvement.

Secondly, with more and more casinos set up in Hong Kong, our tourist industry will be benefited either. People regardless of their age, are fond of diverse lucky games, ranging from poker games to Mark Six and that’s why local people or travelers from the globe would respond to our gambling industry if created. Just like Macau, we can all see how Macau’s economy benefits from the well-developed gambling industry. Furthermore, there are not many cities constructed with casino, therefore if Hong Kong has this rare entertainment, we will stay ahead of our neighboring cities and the competitive edge will be preserved.

After analyzing the possible good of the proposal, we should now move on to the opposite side discussing the hazard.

Having been nagged about the...
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