Cashiers Put on Timer

Topics: Retailing, Customer, Customer service Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: December 9, 2008
Cashiers Put On Timer
With the uncertain economy today, retailers are looking at every end of their business to cut costs. Some stores like Gap Inc., Limited Brands, Meijer, Nike, Office Depot, Toys “R” Us and TJX Cos. have implemented an automated system to track the time it takes a cashier to move a customer through the line. When a cashier does not meet the standards set by the system, they would have to be retrained or given another task. With this “labor-waste elimination” system in place, stores may cut labor expenses but at the price of a critical retail objective, the customer experience. II.Highlights:

- There are pros and cons to the system. Some customers and employees like it, but most of them don’t. - Linda Long, a shopper from Meijer, observed that the store’s cashiers’ attitudes have changed since the new system was implemented. She stated, “Everybody is under stress. They are not as friendly. The elderly feel so rushed at checkout that they don’t want to come here.” - Another shopper, Ms. Bush, like the new system and claimed, “Sometimes you like to get in and out right away. A lot of the cashiers like to chat and I don’t really have time for it.” - The system can be adjusted to add in time for customer service. - Standards for cashiers can be set with regards to aspects like customer service demands, sales volume and the physical location of a store. - A former cashier at Meijer said the system “did not take into consideration the many things that could go wrong at a register to kill your time like when a customer digs through a purse to pay for a purchase.” - An old employee noticed that many cashiers come under pressure when dealing with an elderly customer who’s not at speedy as others at the checkout. III.Critical Analysis:

This article was controlled around the store Meijer, which is a supermarket like Wal-Mart. Although this system claims to reduce the cost of labor, I believe it would not serve as the best way...
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