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1888 The First National Manual Cash Register
In 1883 on January the 30th James Ritty receives a Patent for inventing the cash register. Ritty owned a cafe in Dayton in the 1870s it was a popular cafe but somehow always lost money Ritty then blamed the bartenders and other workers for stealing. What Ritty dealt with was very common in the late 1800s. Ritty later went on a vacation on a ship whist on the ship he observed the workings of an automatic device that recorded the revolutions of the ship's propellers. He then decided he could make a similar device to count and recorded money passing through the cash drawer. He soon returned to start on a prototype and has his first cash register in 1879. In 1894 Ritty sold the company to John Patterson he quickly improved the cash register by the 1900s the cash registers printed receipts he also added the familar bell sound. He aslso changed the firm name to The National Cash Register Company by 1900s the company had sold over 200,000 registers and sent salesmen throughout Europe and South America. The cash register had a huge impact on the retail industry. It stopped people from stealing money and revolutionized the way we shop giving coustmers receipts and ensured that there was no false transaction. The cash register was one of the biggest things to happen to the retail industry with just about every shop in the world now having one. To work in Administration there are certain skills that you may need to get in these are mostly basic. Some skills that are essential are computer literacy and good mathematical skills computer skills are also helpful and good verbal and written English. If you do not posses these skills there a ways that you can. One example would be to take on a lesser role maybe filling at the store and then take night classes until you have learnt these skills. There are a lot of duties that people in administration must preform. A lot of responsibility gets put on to the people in...
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