Casey Anthony

Topics: Logic, Swimming pool, Felony Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: December 18, 2011
Dec. 1, 2011
Casey Anthony Trial
What Went Wrong?

Since the day that Casey Anthony was acquitted of all felony charges people everywhere have been asking themselves, “What went wrong?’’. How could it be that this women, whom everyone was sure had murdered her child, walked away with only 4 misdemeanors? All of which were of making a false statement to law enforcement. Our justice system says that the innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Unfortunately because of that justice system there is no justice for Caylee Anthony. I believe what went wrong in the Casey Anthony case is as follows: 1. The defense argues that Caylee Anthony was not murdered that she drowned in the Anthony’s family pool. It was also argued that Roy Kronk, the man who found the remains of Caylee Anthony, was accused of maybe moving the remains. 2. Amy Huizenga , a friend of Casey Anthony, testifies that she received a text message from Anthony state ng something about a dead animal in the frame of her car. 3. Prosecution brought up the fact that there was chloroform found in the trunk of Anthony’s car but defense argued that there is also chloroform in household cleaning products and swimming pools. 4. An entomologist who took the stand says if there had been a dead body in the trunk of the car then there would also be 1,000’s of blow flies trapped in as well. 5. Another reason that the defense argued is that there was no dirt from the crime scene found on Anthony’s shoes or in the neighbors borrowed shovel. In conclusion I believe what went wrong in the Casey Anthony case is that the Orange County Prosecution Office was unable to prove her guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
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