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1. Which type of production processing-job shop, batch, repetitive, or continuous - is the primary mode of operation at Stickley Furniture? Why? What other type of processing is used to a lesser extent? Explain. a. Stickley Furniture primarily exhibits traits of batch manufacturer. The production process outlined that at first, large pieces of wood are cut into smaller pieces by the Optimizer Saw. These raw cuts are then passed along to the saw station to cut them into pieces for specific jobs along with some 20,000 board feet. The freshly cut pieces are put into the Gluing Machines that hold 20 – 30 of the sections at a time to be glued together in a batch. After this, pieces are sanded in a separate area and then some are even sent to be shaped by a CNC machine until they are given to the finishing department for final touches. These departments who process similar parts in batch, is consistent with a batch production process. However, one piece that isn’t completely consistent with a batch process is the skilled wood workers who hand carve customized design pieces. This is a trait that we typically see with job shop manufacturing. We also see some traits of repetitive manufacturing with the production scheduling that is used by the company to ensure they have additional “white inventory” stores away for their peak volume that occurs every other quarter.

2. How does management keep track of job status and location during production? a. Multiple batch stations are being run harmoniously. To ensure the jobs are accurately tracked, each job is assigned a barcode. Once each operation is completed, the operator removes the bar code and provides it the scheduling team. The scheduling team then scans the barcode, to be tracked systemically. This enables the scheduling team to proficiently keep track of the progress of each job and its location in the production facility.

3. Suppose the company has just received an order for 40 mission oak dining room sets....
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