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Siebel System: Anatomy of a sale
Siebel system was founded in 1993 in Tom Seibel. It emerged as a software company principally engaged in design, developmet, marketing and support of customer relationship management. .By 2000, the revenues reached $2 billion with a workforce of approx and analyst claimed it to be the fastest growing company in America and took the title as the word leader in software company and fastest growing application software company in the history.In the recent time the company pioneered itself as the leader in the employee relationship management with nearly 200 products and with direct sales through 139 stores in 40 countries around the world.
Gregg Carman in sales office, in burlington, Massachusetts who had the responsibility of serving the clients n New England region, pondered a dimlema.The largest customer was Fleetboston, the ninth largest bank in US who had recently aquired the discount stockbroker Quick and Reilly. Carmen was negotiating at 2 million dollor sale to Quick and Reilly but now Fleetboston wanted to veto the purchase and Carmen faced the difficult situation of either to stand by Quick and Reilly or bow to Fleetboston wishes. Carmen was facing a situation in which he had to g agaist the siebel Core Values, written by handpicked group of employees articulating the fundamenta valur system underlying the corporate culture of Tom Seibel.
Tom Seibel laid two core goals since its inception- to build a high technology company focused entirey n customer satisfactionand to build a company with enduring values.Customer satisfaction was the fundamental vision and they talked to various custoer bfore designing their products, advised companies to aplly information and technolgy to their sale and marketing.Seibel system analysed three significant change in which the companies thught about their software change. They were shifting their focus from cost reduction to what the software could do

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