Topics: Information technology, Strategy, Macroeconomics Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Assignment #1:"IT Doesn't Matter" by Nicholas Carr

Nicholas Carr wrote an article entitled IT Doesn't Matter at first; it reads controversial and needs full of interpretations for the readers. As we read the entire story, the author might have a different interpretation of IT and probably points out that we really don't need IT too much, the companies should not spend too much on IT and not more for strategic advantage. Carr said that having IT may delivered the business at risk; instead of investing the money more on major expenses , IT just add more to the business especially when there is a technical and security problems. He also writes that IT cannot be said as one of the major need in business process, it is just an additional to company's infrastructural technology. He claims that IT has become a commodity as IT age goes up, and he also claims that development of IT industry and railroad industry are just the same. I disagree on Carr's argument that IT is a competitive advantage d that doesn't guaranteed a strategic advantage because of lower price as the time goes by. But for me, as long as there is opportunity and strategy to have an edge or just to be in level to others, we should not left behind and go with the flow. For example, if I am an owner of a business and IT is popular to my customers, they should not be the one to adjust, I should adjust my business on what they want and go with the flow. As what on my mind always thinking, 'if we become contented on what we have, why we still need to do our works and better to stay on what we have?', this thought I have in my mind is contradicting to Carr's idea that IT needs are already fulfilled. As a human being the highest life-forms, we continues seek for change and development for our advantage. As of this age (even before), technology is a commodity, from a simple calculator that computes the sales of a business, into a printing papers for reports, computers for making projects and other...
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