Casebook 39

Topics: Money, Cash register, Deposit account Pages: 3 (994 words) Published: September 5, 2011
Chapter 39
Shirley A. Little Wouldn’t Hurt!
Believe it or not but this case isn’t as unusual as it may seem. Society today has lost its understanding of “working hard for their money”. Reading this story seems to show so many signs of alert to me and would have thought that it would have been caught in the earlier stages. Many seemed to believe that “No not Shirley would hurt this company” and that is the problem. We tend to let our guards down and forget what the human minds are capable of. With today’s technology and the knowledge of the individual almost anything can be accomplished and that is those tools that can be the most evil. Indeed Shirley may have been a hard worker and committed to her employer however; even with those characteristics you still should not have authority like she did. She was an above average employee that did everything expected of her and more. Her level of performance was above “normal” and there for she wasn’t a threat. A lessoned learned from the understanding of Shirley is that no matter who it is or the job title does not entitle them to be exempt. Sometimes the largest frauds being committed are by the highest man/women in the business. I believe Shirley got caught up in what seemed to be an easy way to get funds for herself and live the lavish life style she desired. She may be a good person and a hard worker however; those can be over ruled by greed. Shirley got away with it once and continued with a habit that lead to disaster for not only her but also the company. I doubt they will ever be reimbursed all those funds but I hope she set an example for others whom find themselves in that position. It is my belief that the individual that committed this offence is seeking what others have and this seems to be the only way to achieve that. We are a marketable society that wants what we don’t have and often try to find the easiest way to get it. Shirley clearly wanted and may have needed the monies to show her...
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