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Topics: Ethics, Immigration to the United States, Law Pages: 3 (812 words) Published: October 8, 2010
Case 17: Should Business Hire Illegal Immigrants? pp. 833-836 (textbook)

1. What are the ethical issues in this case?

Just by entering the country illegal aliens are committing an unethical act; Breaking the laws of our Country. Two the employers who are hiring them are unethical and amoral. Knowingly violating the laws and operating at their best interests instead of the social norms.

Come-on how hard is it to ask for a proof of citizenship? Around the world, governments have historically expected that people can show proof of citizenship or a work permit.

2. Is illegal immigration primarily an economic, legal, ethical, social, or political issue? Explain.

I would say economic and ethical. Business owners claim illegal’s take jobs no one else will take and that their employment will result in lower prices for consumers. I think as long as business are not held accountable for aiding and abetting illegal acts, the ethical problem will continue and U.S. society will pay the costs.

3. Are companies that hire illegal immigrants being socially responsible? Evaluate this practice using the Pyramid of CSR introduced in Chapter 2.

NO. Companies that hire illegal immigrants are not being socially responsible. According to the practices of CSR they are violating Philanthropic, Ethical, Legal and Economical Responsibilities. They are not Contributing to their communities by improving quality of life. They are violating many ethical obligations (not doing what is right, just, and fair). They are violating many Laws and as talked about in question two, they are hearting the local economic status.

4. What are the legal and ethical arguments in favor of continuing to allow illegal immigrants to be hired by businesses? What are the legal and ethical arguments against illegal immigration? Which side are you on? Why?

There is No legal argument to support illegal immigration. One might be able to argue that illegal’s have a right to be...
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