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Presenting problem:
Loretta and Bart come to you for marriage counseling. In the first session you see them as a couple. Loretta says that she can't keep going on the way they have been for the past several years. She tells you that she would very much like to work out a new relationship with him. He says that he does not want a divorce and is willing to give counseling his "best shot." Loretta comes to the following session alone because Bart had to work overtime. She tells you that she has been having an affair for two years and hasn't mustered up the courage to leave Bart for this other man, who is single and is pressuring her to make a decision. She relates that she feels very discouraged about the possibility of anything changing for the better in her marriage. She would, however, like to come in for sessions with Bart because she doesn't want to hurt him. Family systems therapy:

I would follow the goals of the human validation process model. The goals of therapy for Loretta and Bart would include generating self-esteem and hope, identifying and strengthening coping skills, and facilitating movement toward health and actualization. These goals are especially important because of Loretta's feelings of indecision. She has stated that she feels discouraged about the possibility of anything changing for the better in her marriage. Generating self-esteem may also help her to gain the strength and confidence in herself and her decisions. I will guide both Loretta and Bart separately through the process of change. I will provide them with new experiences and teach them how to communicate for effectively and openly. I will act as an active facilitator who models congruence and serves as a resource person. There are various techniques that would be beneficial to the two of them as a couple, such as: drama, reframing, humor, empathy, touch, family reconstruction, role playing, and family sculpture. Considerable time also needs to be devoted to a discussion of...
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