Case Study: A degree for Meter Readers

Topics: Bachelor's degree, Psychology, Academic degree Pages: 3 (772 words) Published: March 2, 2014

Case Study: A Degree for Meter Readers

Name: Jacqueline Gonzalez
Our Lady of the Lake University
Human Resource Management
Dr. Hamid Khan, BSME, MSIE, MBA, EDD, PE
February 2, 2014

My reaction for this case was between shock and some anger. I was shocked due to the fact that the human resource director would even think that a college graduate would want to do such a demeaning job. As a soon to be college graduate I would not even consider a job like this. I would want a job that would help me gain experience, knowledge, and maybe even good contacts for my future in business law. The anger I experienced was more for the recruiter. I felt angry because she really did not try to do anything to change the directors’ mind. She first hand knows the difficulty the company is having in keeping only forty meter readers. She should have explained the situation and if still the director was adamant in raising the education requirement she should have taken her case to someone above the human resource director.


With this case, I learned that sometimes people expect you to do something that you feel is wrong. Unfortunately, these types of situations not only happen in the work place, but also happen in everyday life and we have the choice to do something about it, especially if we feel their requests are wrong. We have the power and ability to stand by what we feel is right and do something about what we feel is wrong. In this case, the recruiter knew that if the education was raised from having only a high school diploma to a college degree the company would have even more trouble in finding qualified people to fill the jobs and to keep the jobs filled. The recruiter had a good case and her case would only be benefiting the company. By taking her case with all the facts she would have been able to show the company that if they continued with the decision the company would begin to see even more problems. Any company...
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