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This form can be used to organize your thoughts about a case. As you perform your analysis remain open to the fact that your interpretation of the facts may change and therefore you should constantly revisit your answers. Define the Problem: Describe the type of case and what problem(s) or issue(s) should be the focus for your analysis. Cases tend to fall into one of three categories that sometimes overlap: Ø Decision Cases describe a decision faced by the case protagonist (character). The student ultimately must choose among a finite set of distinct decision alternatives. Ø Problem Cases require a student to diagnose a problem in a business case and to formulate possible solutions.

Ø Evaluation Cases illustrate a business success or failure. The student analyzes the underlying reasons for that success or failure to arrive at management lessons. Evaluation Case
An analysis of GE s revitalization efforts during the tenure of their infamous CEO Jack Welch. This detailed examination of the impact of Mr. Welch s leadership style and the changes he implemented . The learning objective is to understand the evaluation of Welch s strategy and how it impacted the company. There is no question that Welch had a positive and important effect on GE s long-term success. It is, however, important to note that this did not come without controversies. Though Welch did make appropriate changes which allowed for GE s success, the question remains; how does GE ensure that the post-welch era will continue to flourish without his guidance

GE is a successful firm because they have the right resources aligned with the right attributes and characteristics. Welch strengthened their valuable resources which improved effectiveness and efficiency. This helped address opportunity and minimized threat. By understanding Welch s strategic management style and applying modern day strategic analysis, we will conclude that GE will require someone who values the changes that Welch created for the company to succeed him.

List any concepts that can be applied in the case: Write down any principles, frameworks or theories that can be applied to this case. (Relate to the chapter understudy)
He further emphasized this by creating things such as :
1) Large meetings without bosses present,
2) Opening the line of communication to where businesses reported to Welch directly, and 3) Doing studies of other companies in order to extract what made them profitable and utilize it for the improvement of GE.

4) Employee were given the opportunity to purchase company stocks/options, 5) Each individual employee was given a performance and feedback report by the company be able to be run as effectively and profitably as a smaller company.

List relevant qualitative data: evidence related to or based on the quality or character of something.(eg. Customer complains on the service)
Challenges faced by the Welch when he took over the position of CEO: 1) SBU-based structure of the organization under the leadership of Reg jones 2) Multilayer structure of the organization with departments, divisions, groups and SBUs topped with organizational layer of sectors

3) U.S Economy in recession- High Interest Rates, highest unemployment rate since the depression 4) Global competition faced by the company- more often in the form of Japanese. GE at present was unable to face it to their full potential

5) Bureaucracy structure of the organization leading to inefficiency and often delay, costing the company its edge
List relevant quantitative data: evidence related to or based on the amount or number of something.(eg turnover rate is 10%)
The Changes made under Welch s leadership:
GE s sales got dramatically increased, more than double, from $10 billion to $22 billion. Earnings grew even faster, from $572 million to $1.4 billion). Internally, he built a constructive business-government dialogue, which contributed the company achieving the expansion of world...
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