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Case Study Week 5 303

By Meearene Nov 30, 2013 591 Words

October 4, 2013
MGMT 303
Case Study WK 5
1. You're a senior manager at a growing business and you're ready to add employees. Your HR manager has recommended a temp-to-perm policy. You know the advantages of this approach, but what might be some of the disadvantages?

The disadvantages are that every time a temp starts a new work assignment (no matter how skilled or unskilled) a certain amount of training is required in order for them to perform their assigned tasks to suit the specific needs of that company. Training time takes out of actual labor time. Another disadvantage is that, morale and employee relations problems can arise when you have temps working alongside permanent employees for months, doing the same work and putting in the same hours, but not receiving the same benefits afforded their permanent employee coworkers.

2. Assume that you're a prospective job seeker (which you may very well be). What do you personally see as the advantages and disadvantages of taking a temp-to-perm position? Under what circumstances are you most likely to take a temp-to-perm position?

I personally see the fact that being a temp to perm will give me the ability to learn new skills. Temping allows you to add another notch in your tool belt of skills on your resume. Of course the big advantage is the potential to lead to full time employment There are many benefits to being in a company, being present and visible and showcasing your skills and abilities to be possibly hired into a full-time position. The disadvantage is that the job will come to an end and with that comes and end to income. Another disadvantage is it is hard to find temporary works that closely match your skills and abilities. For example, if you happen to be an experienced Executive Assistant you may find yourself needing to take a Receptionist position if there is nothing else available. The only circumstance I am most likely to take a temp to perm position is if I am really confident that I will get a permanent position. Also if I am just looking for a little extra cash income. 3. What sort of challenges are likely to confront a manager who supervises a mix of temporary and permanent employees? In what ways might these challenges differ if the temporary workers have been hired on a temp-to-perm basis rather than on a strictly temporary basis?

There has been talk that some surveys of employers have found an assumption that temporary workers are generally less reliable than their permanent employee counterparts. Because temporary workers know that they are only there for limited time and is still getting paid the same amount of money as the permanent workers, they can be careless when it comes to the quality of work. The temp workers can also feel that it is unfair to not get the same benefits as permanent workers. By hiring temporary workers on a temp to perm basis, the workers will have the motivation to work harder to get to job security with a perm position. There has been studies to show, temps later hired as full-time employees, they continued to become better workers after becoming permanent.

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