Case Study Week 2

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Case study week 2
1. If your international firm were doing business in Asia, is there anything that your company could do to ease the tensions these cultures are experiencing? Be specific. If my company started or planned on doing business in Asia it should be my job to try and fit in with the culture of Asia with respect, not saying that I have to change my whole life to suit them, but for instance if you speak a language it should be my job to learn and speak and adapt, not come to Asia speaking only English and expect everyone to do the same, it isn’t fair. 2. In your opinion, is globalization among the causes of the increasing incidence of divorce, crime, and drug abuse in Asia? Why or why not? Crime and violence is all over the world no matter where you live, but I have to say after reading a little bit of the story and thinking yes it could be a cause, with the ports open to trading and the lines of communication are more advanced like internet, television. You live dress a certain way and all a sudden you happen to get a glance at other girls are dressing, all of a sudden you’re talking with someone from America, you start hearing the type of freedom you have to way life is being lived, then the person from Asia get curious, what’s to try and explore a whole new world, then word get around and everyone wants to go it. 3. Broadly defined, Asia comprises more than 60 percent of the world’s population— a population that practices Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, and numerous other religions. Thus, do you think it is possible to carry on a valid discussion of “Asian” values? Why or why not? For me Religion is not a subject that I talk about too broad and you’ll never win in any debate, everyone has their opinion. All the practices listed above all have a different way of living, like what they eat, drink, how they dress, treat people. So if you don’t have much information or knowledge to hold a conversation you’ll be up against a big battle....
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