Case Study - We Googled You

Topics: Google, Web search engine, History of China Pages: 4 (1432 words) Published: October 30, 2012

Fred Westen is the CEO of a luxury apparel retailer, Hathaway Jones. Fred has ambitious plans on expanding his Philadelphia- based company into China. He earmarked millions of dollars to open new stores in the largest cities, including Beijing and Guangzhou, with the flagship in Shanghai, China’s wealthiest and most cosmopolitan city. Fred received a phone call from his old roommate, John Brewster. The two spent a few minutes catching up on the phone, and then John eased the conversation around to his daughter, Mimi. John then explained his daughter’s interest in the company, and how she wanted to be apart of the move to China. Fred then agrees to meet with Mimi Brewster to see whether or not she would fit the job. Mimi is quite fit for the job as she had grown up in China, and she spoke both Mandarin and a local dialect. Mimi attended Berkeley University, where she had majored in modern Chinese history and graduated cum laude. Right out of university, Mimi accepted a position at a management consultancy firm where she got the broad business exposure she wanted. She also graduated at Stanford with a MBA degree. After graduating from Stanford, Mimi was recruited by Eleanor Gaston, the largest clothing, shoes, and accessories Company in the United States. Now, with two successful brand re-launches behind her, she was looking for some general management experience, preferably in a fast growing market like China. Mimi was described by employers to be aggressively creative, unique, opinionated and a risk taker. Fred knew that the company’s image was getting old fast and thought Mimi would bring in something new to the company. He was really impressed by Mimi’s interview and thought Mimi was a good choice. Mimi was very confident she would win over Fred during the interview and become a new player at Hathaway Jones’ team. The vice president of human resources, Virginia Flanders, is a lifer at Hathaway Jones, and has not yet been invited into Fred’s inner...

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