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An Authorised Proton Dealer

Introduction to company
Can u briefly explain about the company background? How it started? ANSWER:
Vitalic Sdn bhd is one of the Authorised Proton Dealer that selling Proton cars which is the Malaysian national automobile manufacturer (Malay acronym for Perusahaan OTOmobil Nasional). This company is located at Section 3 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor which is 1.5 kilometre from Malaysia Nasional University (UKM) and it has a showroom that display the full range of Proton model to be viewed by the customers. This company was just opened for 3 years which is on 1 April 2008. The main objective of the company is to increase sales of by an everage of 60 to 100 units permonth. It also confident would be well received and increase sales minimum of 40 units monthly to break even. Based on the monthly production, it would be allocated at least 20 to 70 units of mix model per month. The portfolio of PROTON models that sell by Vitalic Sdn bhd includes the reliable family-sedan Proton Persona, the small sedan Saga, the stylish and sporty Proton Satria Neo, the elegant Proton Inspira, the Versatile Proton Gen2, the fun-to-drive Proton Savvy and the mpv Proton Exora. Currenty, the company has almost 20 employess who are involved in the whole value chain of the business from sales, administration, marketing, processes and delivery especially the sales advisors who are be the important part and front liner of the company. Strong customer orientation and competitively priced products are the foundation of it business and essential to its success. Its aim to maintain market share by continuing to deliver good products and satisfy their customers needs better and enhance profitability. Thus, its professional, attentive and friendly community especially the sales advisors will be at hand to ensure the customers are given the utmost attention as its strive to bring the best of service and enhance their image and reputation. |


Segmentation: MARKETING PLAN
What are the marketing objective of your company and you do this marketing? ANSWER:
The main business activities of this company encompass sales, promotions, loan submissions, processes for the purpose of registration and car delivery. The company is also involved in renewing roadtax and car trade in to support the main business activities. The company selling variety of cars provided by Proton for diverse consumer preferences. MARKETING STRATEGIES

There are a lot of strategies that was used by this company to attract more customers coming to their showroom and improve their sales volumes. These strategies are includes promotion, give high trade in and trade offerings. Promotion

There are three booth that opened by Vitalic Sdn Bhd to enhance their sales volumes by asking its sales advisor to responsible to meeting and dealing with the customers by promoting and experiencing with customers who targetted to buy the car. The opened booth were at giant Prima Saujana Kajang, Econsave Bandar Baru Bangi and Maybank section 1 Bandar Baru Bangi. Each sales advisor has responsibility to perform their duty for each place according the time table provided. Each sales advisor has their own strategy to enhance to sales perfomance. Its include do attractive flyers and offer for the attractive free gifts. High trade in

Some customers who are coming in want to trade in their old car to the new proton car. Therefore, its opportunity to the sales advisor to offer a high trade in to attract customers to buy the new one with them. This strategy will attract the customers as they think they are getting high offering from this company.

Trade offerings
Some customers are concern about the offers from car dealer when they decided to buy the new car. They will patiently waiting for the offerings from the seller like early bird chaches the warm. Hence, the sales advisor will have to take...
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