Case Study: Union Baristas at Starbucks?

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Case Study: Union Baristas at Starbucks?

Case Study: Union Baristas at Starbucks?

After I read the case study what I had gained from reading it is that Starbucks does not want their employees under any circumstances to become unionized. The IWW believes that Starbucks does not treat their employee fair and equally because of the 42 percent of employees have company provided health insurance which is a lower percentage than Wal-Mart's 47 percent. In any case the IWW is trying to build a strong lawsuit against Starbucks because they believe that the New York Starbucks fired three employees that supported the IWW and gave the rest bad performance appraisals and stopped anyone from wearing the IWW's supporter pins. It is true that Starbucks does not want their employees to unionize because the Tara Darrow the company's spokesperson said so in her statement as her last point either because she truly believes that they give their employees the best benefits or because she know that when a union becomes involved in employee matters they will no longer have complete control over certain aspects of what they choose to give their employees. So the reason Starbuck fights so hard to keep that from happening is understandable from their point of view.

Well IWW will face major resistance from Starbucks like they will try to run interference, restrain employees, or use coercion on any employee who tries to organize. The best way for a company to run interference with unions and I'm sure Starbucks will do this too is to minimize employee dissatisfaction if, and I'm sure there is, any to begin with. Along with minimizing employee dissatisfaction they can also use "fair and consistent policies and practices, open door management policies, competitive pay and benefits, employee trust and recognition" (Society for Human Resource Management [SHRM], 2012), to add a challenge to the unionizing of employees. In my opinion that is a better more positive result and is more...
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