Case Study Tod and Reggie

Topics: Extended family, Violence, Family Pages: 5 (1998 words) Published: February 9, 2013
After speaking with Mr. Todd and Mr. Reggie I have concluded that they would be great candidates for couples counseling. Taking away the fact that they are the same sex, I do not feel that it should affect the outcome of the services that will be provided for the couple listed above. I am very proud of Mr. Todd and Mr. Reggie for coming in to seek counseling as a couple. That within its self speaks volumes to the commitment of their relationship and love for one another. I advised both parties involved about the necessity for counseling. Letting them know that most couples come in to seek help when they feel that this is the last result before breaking up. It’s difficult to move forward in a relationship when anger and resentment have built up to such a degree that there are few conflict-free areas of discussion. Seeing a professional to help you talk to each other so you are not disagreeing on the smallest of things and arguing over the same situations with no resolutions, can be a very good idea. I assured them that we would do all in our power to make sure that we set some realistic goals at the ending of each session. We went on to talk and I gathered some information that I felt was interesting and important. I feel that I would like at some point to speak with each Mr. Todd and Mr. Reggie on an individual session. I will determine that as we move further into the sessions and gather if they would like to have a session where they are able to speak with me one on one. I have devised a plan that would help them with the extended family issues that they both are undergoing, also some information on anger and domestic violence, as well as some communication skill building exercises that they a can work on with each other as well as for their personal gain.

Going over their family issues I felt held a lot more value in their lives and if could be addresses would help remove some of the stress and anxiety they both undergo on a day to day basis. We talked about the effect that they felt the roles of the absent extended families where causing in their relationship. I did ask questions such as “Are you families aware that you are an interracial couple?”, “Is that a reason that you have limited or no contact?”, “What was the reaction of your family when you told them that you were gay?”, “Where your families there for you while incarcerated?”, “How was your relationship with your family before telling you were gay?” , “Was you and your family closer before you went to prison?” They each answered honestly about the feelings they had incurred during the past few years of their lives. We talked about a support system outside of each other and their families. They both agreed the lack of family support had a negative impact on their relationship, and have not been able to fully accept it. I informed that their families’ acceptance of their relation would take time, and should be viewed as a process. They would have to make some tough choices to whether or not to continue to try and have their family in their lives are work solely on their relationship. They will have to some type of understanding on their extended family situations. Not dealing with it can be unhealthy and they will need to ask which relationship is most important to them at this time. I did advise until their families where ready to come to terms with their relationship, they should look into starting a family of friends and others who understand their relationship. This could consist of friends who are straight and homosexual. I handed them some fliers to some local coming out groups that meet in there are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I felt it would be a great way to give them another outlet to network amongst individuals who have been through are going through what they are currently going through. I handed out pamphlets on domestic violence to each Mr. Todd and Mr. Reggie. I felt we needed to address the issues of anger and physical threats or actions...

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