Case Study: The Iceman

Topics: Neolithic, Carbon, Carbon-14 Pages: 3 (881 words) Published: April 4, 2013
The Iceman - Case Study

1. Imagine that you are a European archaeologist - you about to deal with one of the most exciting finds in the history of Archaeology. You just happen to be in Austria in September of 1991. You glance at a newspaper account (SOURCE 1). Is there anything in this source that rouses your professional interest? As an archaeologist this source raises my professional interest because this find has just been discovered, and is new to the eyes of the world. This gives me an opportunity to be one of the first to examine the remains and it will give a much more detailed history of the region around where the body has been discovered. It’s also interesting because the body has been preserved in unique conditions which make it easier to identify and easier to examine it. If the newspaper article is correct the body will give us a much clearer insight into the conditions of possibly ancient times in the area.

2. Over the next few days, more information is published in the Tiroler Tageszeitung. Examine sources 2 and 3. What clues alert you to the possibility that this is an important archaeological find? This alerts us of the nature of many different aspects of society in the time which the body lived, once the dating of the body has been confirmed. It tells us of the clothing that was worn, and to elaborate it tells us how they wove and created their clothing. The axe in his hand, the stone tools and the as well as gloves stuffed with hay also tells us of the tools that were used and what materials were used to make the tools. The deep wound in the back of its head can also tell us how it died with forensic investigation, as well as what weapon/tool was used to kill him. The body can be dated using all these pieces of evidence to compare to other finds in different parts of the world and what materials were associated with a certain time.

3. The LOCATION of The Iceman.

Where was the Iceman found?
Tisenjoch pass beneath the Finail Peak...
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