Case Study Tesco

Topics: Marketing, United States, Marketing research Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: October 4, 2010
Tesco Mini-Case Study

Question # 1

Tesco’s decided to expand into the highly competitive US market for the following reasons: •To fulfill one of the company’s strategic objective of growth by international expansion •In UK where they controlled in excess of 30% of the market further expansion had become increasingly limited. •The company as the world’s fourth largest retailer already had an international presence in Central and Central Europe and the Far East •The company undertook detailed market research which indicated the US as profitable market, it identified gaps in the US market and also in the structure and format of the store model

Question # 2

Tesco used the brand name “Fresh & Easy” as a marketing strategy which best describes the products being offered to its chosen market segment. Market research would have also indicated that the name “Fresh & Easy” would attract the growing number of health and environmentally conscious Americans.

Question # 3

The financial and economic crisis which hit the USA in the mid-2007 played a major role in Tesco not being able to achieve its original target for store openings by 2010. Tesco continuously redefines and restructures its store model as it responds to market and consumer demands and this has also contributed to a slowdown in the number of stores being opened.

Question # 4

Tesco’s success should be measured on the profitable of its overall operations in the USA. The company undertook extensive market and consumer research prior to commencement of operations in the US, although it has admitted that the research might have been flawed. Notwithstanding the company continues to redefine and modify its store module and adjust its prices as it response to changes in the economic climate and market conditions, all in an effort to increase sales. Increase sale will result in increase profits. From all indications it appears that Tesco is instituting all measures to ensure that its US...
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