Case Study Sun Cellular

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Sun Cellular

A Study
For the course on
Management Information Systems Concepts

Submitted by:
Ayusa, Arianne E.
Pitao, Jennifer L.

Ms Diane Lim

November 2, 2010

1.0 Introduction

1.1Purpose of the Study
The purpose of this study is to analyze and assess a company’s existing system and identify strategies that can be helpful to the company in terms of efficiency of the processes.

In order to achieve the purpose of the study, the group would like to know the chosen company by identifying its profile and its existing system which includes business processes, mission and vision, strengths and weaknesses, the company’s status, and the company’s stand on different issues of the society.

1.2Scope of Organization Selected
Sun Cellular is considered as a medium scaled company since it is only located here in the Philippines and not internationally. It has only 100+ employees.

1.3Objectives of the Study
The main objectives of the study are
to familiarize the processes of the chosen company,
to determine the internal and external environment of the company, •to analyze the gathered data, and
to propose solutions or strategies to the company

2.0The Organization

2.1Profile of the Company
Sun Cellular is one of the topmost mobile telecommunications company in the Philippines. It was founded by Digital Telecommunications Philippines (DIGITEL) last September 2001 to provide wireless public and private telecommunication services. Having more than 80 branches nationwide, it caters to hundreds of employees.

Sun Cellular offers a wide range of wireless private and public telecommunication services in local and international market. It offers different products like postpaid, prepaid, broadband and services like value added services and corporate solutions.

The postpaid, commonly known as a plan, is composed of different subscription plans that the customer can choose in order to fit their lifestyle needs. It comes with a free phone that goes with your chosen plan. These are Regular Postpaid, Fixed Load Plan, Easy Line, Group Plan and Elite Plan Series. The Regular Postpaid gives the customers’ freedom to spend more than the amount of plan while the Fixed Loan Plan prohibits the user to exceed his or her subscribed plan. Easy Line is the most convenient way to apply for a postpaid subscription since it does not need a lot of requirements, just a valid identification card. The Group Plan and Elite Plan series are the same as the Regular Postpaid Plan. The Group Plan is cheaper since it is a package for groups of three subscriptions while the Elite Plan series just gives a higher limit and freebies such as international calls and texts for one subscription.

The prepaid service is the same as the postpaid service where it is independent on a SIM (subscriber identity module) card and load. However, the difference is that the customer is the one reloading his or her SIM on prepaid while on postpaid, Sun Cellular automatically reloads the SIM card that is subscribed on a specific type of plan within the month. Load for prepaid SIM cards are available in express load or call cards.

Sun Cellular also offers internet services called Sun Broadband. Like their wireless telecommunication services, Sun Broadband can be postpaid or prepaid. Value Added Services are also available. These are miscellaneous services like promos, infotainment, downloads, music, messaging and mobile internet. Corporate Solutions on the other hand, as the name implies are packages for the corporate or business world.

2.3Vision/Mission of the Company
Committed to nation building and countryside development, we provide reliable communication access through seamless connectivity linking Filipinos to each other and to the rest of the world.

To be the most preferred full service telecommunications provider in the country.

2.4Objectives and...

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