Case Study Spanning The Glob Calerocelia

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Spanning the Globe

1 Summarize your thoughts on the problems at hand, alternative solutions and your strategy on how to proceed at the forthcoming meeting In this case, we are facing different problems. The biggest problem here is the expatriate’s expectation. In our case, Fred illustrates this problem. Fred is a reliable and old employee of Texmark, he is a brilliant engineer. He is always ready and agrees to travel for his job (Scotland, Mexico, and India). But “today Fred was angry and disappointed that an eighteen-month assignment in India had turned into a three-year assignment, and that a research position in Durham “promised” to him by a previous VP was filled by a younger Durham resident employee”. How far the training creative by Eric make effective (How to encourage employees to take course more seriously).

The second problem in this case is the repatriation issue which is affecting the long-term strategy development of the companies’ expatriate issue. In consequence the company is facing a hard time when it’s needed to be established and to be made as a global company. As the main part of the strategy is dependent upon repatriation policy, where the growing numbers of repatriates are not meaning fully responding the debriefing and career counseling sessions.

The third problem in our case study is the issue of the cost and effectiveness of using repatriation. This issue should be approached in the future meeting. “Juanita Roberton the Vice President for HR wanted costs cut and her delegates on the team would be pushing for streamlined (Eric had mentally translated that as cheaper) training programs, shorter expatriate assignments and a faster appointment of HCNs whenever is possible.” Since the company is spending a significant figure in the expatriate training therefore the solution to this is essential.

Moreover, we can find another issue, the development of Chinese operation. Texmark need to expend his company in Asia but the expatriates are confronted by difficulty in the pre departure activity to the county. We are facing to an urgent need.

We can resolve these different issues by solutions. To resolve the issue of expatriate’s expectation with Fred. The major problem in this situation is that Fred is extremely resistant to participate on training program and transfer his responsibility to local egineers and his inability to work with the regulator. He can’t see the opportunities of the expatriate preparation for pre departure that Eric support. But this program would be a good solution for reducing the problems occurred by the departure. In this training, employees can follow language courses, the company supports the families of the expatriate and they also offer cultural programs for the candidates.) “From these pre-departure training programs, the employee and the family members would be exposed to factual information, such as the historical, political, and religious factors and major cultural differences which can help them to have a better understanding of the destination country. However, numerous studies indicate that lack of time prior to departure impedes the effectiveness of pre-departure training and that training programs upon arrival are more effective.” (Hyouane Min, Vincent P.Magnini, Manisha Singal, International Journal of Contemporay Hospitality Management : Perceived corporate training in investment as a driver of expatriate adjustment.: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.2013.) Because of this situation it could be better that Eric personally supervising Fred and assigning him task with a limited dead line to each task.

To solve the problem of the repatriation the company must care of his employees , for example each repatriate can be given a daily questionnaire that when the employee is at the assignment can fill it up further could write the daily difficulties faced in the assignment and suggestions to improve it. Hence probably by this...

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