Case Study Sally Soprano

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Sally Soprano Case Study.

The fundamental assumption is that learning and practicing negotiation skills can be learned. Others, however, assume that diplomacy and negotiation are things that can never be learned or taught. They believe that you are either born a negotiator or you are not. Unfortunately, this is a very shortsighted assumption. The approach to this will be to use all the information that was provided in the analysis to determine the best position of strategy to save the Opera on opening day, to find a fiscal solution that will benefit both the Opera and Sally using a BATNA strategy. The conflict is defined in this scenario is the immediate need of the opera company needing an experienced soprano for opening night in 3 weeks versus an aging soprano who would like to get her career back on track. Sally was the lead soprano in the past; however, this was during the prime of her career 4 years ago. Sally has been offered little work or lead roles in recent times. The Lyric is in a difficult position because the former lead is no longer available, and the secondary soprano is inexperienced. This might be an opportunity for Sally to get back on top of the Opera world.

This negotiation is conducted in cooperation with Anna. I had to serve the interest of the Lyric Opera. First I told Anna, wanting to get a good compromise both parties equally. To achieve a win-win outcome. The best way to get a deal, which is to the detriment of one or the other is to be impatient. But negotiations take time. I create solutions that work well in both directions. It therefore could require several "drafts" of compromise and agreement. It's good build a relationship of trust and long-term. Knowing how to negotiate is to ask questions and listen to know the answers. That's why I started the negotiation phase of discussion. Listening to the speaker, I was better able to understand what his needs and desired goals. The harvest of this information provides a quality...
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