Case Study RIM/Blackberry

Topics: Business continuity planning, Disaster recovery, Management Pages: 3 (1440 words) Published: November 3, 2014
In todays economy, organizations are faced with so many obstacles that could permanently alter the way they conduct business or remain relevant upon their competition. In addition to keeping up with the latest technology, new trends among their specific business industry, organizations need to have a plan of action in place if an event of any nature interrupts the normal flow of business. Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are two key processes that allow organizations to continue normal business functions in the event of an interruption. When business is disrupted, it can cost an organization a lot of money. Potential lost revenues, in addition to extra expenses, means a reduction in profits. Even though insurance is a smart business investment option, it doesnt cover all costs and cannot replace customers that turn to the competition. Business Continuity Plans are critical to the continuous operation of all types of businesses. Business continuity planning is becoming more important as companies rely heavily on technology to do business. Organizations of all sizes place more emphasis on IT and communications services to support their customer communications, business transactions and manage supply chains. As a result, theyve become less tolerant of information and service loss due to disasters or other business interruptions. In order to create an effective Business Continuity Plan, a Business Impact Analysis should be performed. A Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is a tool used by the organizations when developing Business Continuity Plans (BCP). The purpose of a business impact analysis is to collect information in an effort to understand the importance of the different functions of the organization and which ones are critical in maintaining normal business operations. It serves as the foundation for which an effective BCP can be created and implemented. A business impact analysis will identify and quantify business related impacts...
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