Case Study Report of Secom

Topics: Management, Corporation, Business Pages: 3 (714 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Case Report of SECOM

1. Executive Summary
Makoto Iida is a founder of the security company, SECOM. He pioneered new business strategy and fields with his business partner and with his philosophy, but now there is a problem; a successor problem. For solving this problem, to receive a new president from other companies may be the most efficient.

2. Outline of the company
SECOM is a security company founded by Makoto Iida. It has a new business field, selling safe, and it has been increasing in sales for 30 years.
SECOM has a service which started first in Japan by Iida and Toda, Iida’s business partner. This is a rental service of the equipment. Before they started this service, a security company sent the guard man to its customers. However, this system was not effective to make the company large because if the company became larger, the manager should employ too many people to manage. To avoid this situation, SECOM decided to change the security system from employing people to leasing the machine. In order to come true this system, Iida and Toda had to calculate the cost and profits in very detail.

SECOM’s service covers many kinds of fields such as medical-fields, informational-fields and environmental-fields. This is because SECOM wants to give the total safe to its customers. Even if SECOM’s service fields spread, it still keeps its own philosophy and strategy based on philosophy.

Thus, SECOM has been a strong enough company to survive Japanese unstable economy. However, there is a problem in the company: a successor problem. 3. Problems
Now, SECOM has a strong leader, Makoto Iida, but he is 61 years old and has to think about a successor. However, there is no appropriate person who can lead the company and survive in this society. 4. Analysis of the current situations

(1) One cause for the successor problem is the growing speed of the company. SECOM has been growing for 30 years, but these years are not enough to think about...
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