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Group Assignment 1

2014 S2 Group Assignment 1
Pillsbury: Customer Driven Reengineering
Go to the link below and make a purchase of the case study. Note that everyone in the group is required to have their own copy of the case study. You can make one purchase at a cost of US$8.95, and then purchase copyright permission at US$6.95 for each copy that you make for your team member. Study and analysis the case study in detail and answer the questions listed below as a group. Each group is required to produce one softcopy of their final report and submit it to Moodle (instruction for submission will be provided by Sandra) by the due date. The due date for the first assignment is Week 7, Friday, at 5pm. Late submission will attract a penalty of 10% of their final report mark per calendar day. It is reminded that this report is an assessment for the course that contributes to 25% of your final course mark. Assignment Questions:

Question 1 (6 marks)
What are the implications of customer-focused reengineering to Pillsbury? What are the issues that Debrowski must manage?
Question 2 (6 marks)
What role does activity-based costing and performance measurement play in Pillsbury’s supply chain reengineering initiatives?
Question 3 (7 marks)
How will Pillsbury’s plans affect relationships throughout the food chain, form its suppliers to its wholesalers, distributors, and retailers, through consumer checkout? What barriers may arise and how can they be overcome?


Question 4 (6 marks)
Is it feasible to shift the project’s focus from achieving the $100 million in documented benefits to one that will yield $300 million in benefits? How does this relate to Slocumb’s quote from Gandhi? What should happen next?


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