Case Study: Quantas Airlines

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Quantas Airlines

Provide a definition of market demand.

The market demand for a product is the total volume that would be bought by a defined customer group in a defined geographical area in a defined time period in a defined marketing environment under a defined marketing program (Kotler 145). It is not a fixed number, but rather a function of the stated conditions.

How are market demand, market potential, and sales forecasting related to each other?

When companies want to estimate the current market demand, they attempt to determine total market potential, area market potential, industry sales, and market share. Once marketers have estimated the demand, they will choose the level of marketing effort based on the expected level of sales. The company sales forecast is the expected level of company sales based on a chosen marketing plan and an assumed marketing environment.

Might the information given influence the revenue and earnings that Quantas could achieve in the future?

The fertility rate of Australia could be a factor in future earnings for Quantas, but not so much as the competition of Virgin Airlines and rising oil prices. Qantas, facing increasing competition on some of its busiest routes from Virgin Atlantic Airways, Singapore Airlines Ltd. and Dubai-based Emirates, is also losing domestic customers to Virgin Blue Holdings Ltd. "People are concerned that oil prices will have a larger impact on Qantas ' fuel costs than initially thought," said Michael Birch, who owns Qantas shares among $72 million of assets he helps manage at Wallace Funds Management in Sydney. "When fuel price goes up the way it has, there will come a time when the cost of the hedge outweighs the future benefit" (

How might Quantas employ such a tool as the Ansoff product/market expansion grid in developing its growth strategies?

Ansoff 's matrix offers strategic choices to achieve the objectives. There are four main categories for selection.

Market Penetration

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