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pizza hut is corporately known as pizza hut incorporation it started out as a pizza parlor opened up by dan and frank carney in a small rented building in Kansas , using only $600 borrowed from their mother. in 1966 the first pizza hut office was built in Wichita to oversee 145 restaurant

in 1968 the number of pizza hut restaurant had reached 300 , and pizza hut had decide to open one restaurant outside united state and it is in Canada . pizza now is one of the World’s largest restaurant company in the world . in fact there were over 6,000 restaurant in the united states and more than 5,000 stored located in more than 90 countries around the world .

pizza hut incorporation is continuously striving for giving people the best quality product even they had a lot of problem that they are now facing . so this study will help you to understand how pizza hut deals with the challenge and opportunities that business world bring. And the main focused of this study is how the pizza hut go about responding to workforce diversity and also how they tackle problem concerning it.


On June 15, 1958 , Dan and Frank Carney, two college students from Wichita Kansas, opened the first pizza hut restaurant . it was a big success and by 1963 they opened 43 restaurant including franchisees . by 1981 pizza hut became the largest pizza restaurant chain in the world both sales and restaurant .

In 1984 pizza hut never consider the domino’s its competitor . Pizza hut has to focused on how to increased their profitability of delivery units and their expansion . the concept of pizza hut delivery was fast catching up and is expanding in the market .

Pizza hut experience the effect of domino’s expansion in its company owned stores . these stores controlled most of the large , densely populated metropolitan markets .by the late 1985 , pizza hut senior management was convinced that Domino’s dominance of the fast growing delivery segment was the major threat of pizza hut .

in 1997 pizza hut was acquired by one of the giants of international business the Pepsi Cola Inc,. as part of the Pepsi cola corporate family , pizza hut shared leadership position with such fine product like brand soft drinks and brand snack

Pizza hut is known in the business world as Pizza hut inc. it is an American style restaurant and international franchise that offers different styles of pizza. Aside from that their company are also offering other foods like pasta ,salad, breadstick , and garlic bread.

The growth of the company was due to a good product being delivered at a good price and offering perceived value . the company has adjusted to a new entrants into the market and has managed to stay ahead of the competition because of it’s the annual sales of billion .

Pizza hut is a subsidiary of Yum Brand inc. the world’s largest restaurant company . all pizza hut store have their own distinctive roof it shaped like a hut . pizza hut is split into several different restaurant format , they have the original family style dine in location, store front delivery and carry out location , and hybrid location that offer carry out , delivery and dine-in option .

Pizza hut also has a number of other business concept that are different from the store type .like pizza hut ‘Bistro’ location are red roof which offer an expanded menu and slightly more upscale option . ‘pizza hut express’ and ‘the hut’ location are fast food restaurant that offering limited menu with many product that is not found at the traditional pizza hut . these type of store are often located with the sibling partners of pizza hut such as KFC ,Wing street, and Taco bell .

The oldest and continuously operating pizza hut in the world is located at Manhattan Kansas in a shopping and tavern district known as Aggie ville...
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