Case Study--- Personalize Your Management Development

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Case Study--- Personalize Your Management Development
As I am reading the case, Personalize Your Management Development, I really touched by the author and I really learned a lot from the case. As everyone knows, different people have their different characteristics so they will have their own principle and procedure to deal things. Therefore, the different characteristics made the different working styles as manager. As a company, you will have a lot of different managers so personalize the specific management development projects are really essential to the company. After I read the case, I have a general sense about the different kinds of managers in company and I can imagine what they will do in management. In the case, the author introduced 4 different kinds of managers, which are reluctant, arrogant, unknown and workaholics. The author analyzed those 4 different people and gave us a brief introduction about their characteristics. Besides, the author also taught us how to make a development project to help each type of those managers. In my opinion, I learned a lot from the author since I really know how to deal with those people.

Firstly, the author talked about the managers who are reluctant leaders. Those managers have the skills to become an excellent manager but what is a pity they didn't realize it. They adapted to work for others not make others work for them although they have this ability and fully qualified the requirements. So the author told us for those managers we should make a rigorously managed program committed to continuous improvement world deliver the kind of results the company hoped to see. Therefore, the author made a yearlong program which included mentoring, coaching, observing others, hands-on management experience, and training classes and finally the regular feedback sessions. What is the most important idea in this program is that it focused on the whole person, not just on individual competencies. In the case, the author...
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