Case Study - Outstanding Faculty

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CASE STUDY: The Outstanding Faculty Award

This case study outlines the steps taking by a committee to during the process as well as the solution to those problems will be discussed.
The case study lays out the decisions taken by this formal committee. The task at hand is to choose the most outstanding faculty on the basis of various parameters. Three meetings were conducted by the committee to arrive at a decision for selecting the most suitable faculty of the year. In the first meeting, the committee decided to receive nominations from various faculty and students. When nominations were closed the team members had six from which to choose. All six were not well known by all team members so they took the nominations home to become familiar with each nominee. In the second meeting, the committee decided to scrutinize the applicants by judging subjectively and arrived at a decision to choose the best faculty on the basis of outstanding performance. Since the criteria for choosing an outstanding faculty was not decided before nominations came in there was not clear direction as to how the recipient would be chosen. This caused some turmoil among the group.

In the last meeting, the team members began to clash. After a long discussion, the committee decided to select the faculty based on five point rating scale. The outcome would be the result of the average of all scores. Problem

The committee members arrived at the decision of selecting the faculty honoree based on the five point performance rating system, but in the end, the committee chose the worst applicant (Dr. H) to bestow the outstanding faculty award. Earlier, the committee selected the top three faculty based on the outcome of the rating scale. Some committee members became disgruntled with the weighted rating because their favored candidates were not among the top scorers under the existing system. Afterward, the committee changed the system to choose the applicant with the lowest score...

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