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Case Study Analysis 2012|
2216HSL Rooms Division Management|
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Due Date: week 9|

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Identification of key Problems and Issues2

Literature Review4

Transcript Analysis7



Reference list11

This report is an overview of QIBT hotel and its numerous issues and problems that have occurred recently in the front office department. QIBT is a 5 star hotel with 560 rooms and is the first luxury hotel built in Tel Aviv, with this type of status and due to it “causing quite a stir in the local accommodation and catering scene” it should have a high level of both intangible and tangible services, however this is not the cause in the front office department, with complaints occurring from customers, a high turnover, employees and customers arguing and looking unhappy, this report analyses these problems as well as lists numerous recommendations that can be used to improve this department and help this Hotel have Total Quality Management. Identification of key problems and issues

Below are the problems that must be address in the front of office department , the underlining problems are the major issuing that are of main concern that need to be addressed immediately. Simon Problems:

* Simon only has experience from Hotels with only 80 or fewer rooms * Simon is not use to the different cultures and personalities and therefore does not know how to handle/sell and teach he’s employees how to engage these cultures * Simon is too naïve and ignorant as he does not believe in any way that the problems could be due to he’s management * Simon runs a bureaucratic management system and is too power stricken which may be the wrong style for the QIBTs front of house. * Simon does not have employers respect for example Simon only does easy jobs which results in he’s employs’ thinking less of him as he never does the hard work. * Simon does not trust he’s employees and he gives them no responsibilities * Simon is creating a domino effect as he is making the assistant manager Michelle angry which results in her then taking it out on other staff and customers * Simon judges Bruno as he has no management credentials this makes Bruno feel disrespected and untrusted * Simon does not understand working with younger employees. * Simon is making job too serious

* Simon now has a reputation for reprimanding and humiliating this will result in newcomers not wanting to work for him and employees not listening to him * Simon uses he’s cell phone however others are not allowed too, if he wants he’s employees to follow the rules he must follow the rules Employment problems

* The Employee training program has been seen to make new comers feel like naughty children with too many dos/don’ts * Trainers are put on days when it is really busy and as a result newcomers are not getting proper training * Trainees are never informed in advance by management which does not give person anytime to prepare or be aware that they will have a trainer today * New comers are greeted with a sigh( will give newcomer less confidence and make them not want to work at QIBT hotel) * Current employees do not engage in customers or be friendly which results in newcomers adopting the same principles Hotel Problems

* Conflicts are being seen by customers
* Customers are being treated poorly on numerous occasions * High turnover in the front office as half of the staff that were on board at opening have already left and been replaced * Ronny(night audit manager) receivers emails instead of Simon seeing him in person * Night audit staff sees Ronny has unapproachable and Simon as intimidating this result in high turnover, Simon also does not acknowledge this department enough. * Cross Cultural and inter-generation misunderstands...
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