Case Study on Xpresso Lube

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Case Study on Xpresso Lube

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I - Xpresso Lube’s Service Package 3
II - Distinctive Characteristics of a Service Operation, illustrated by the Case Study 5 III - Xpresso Lube’s Characteristics 7
IV - Xpresso Lube’s Location 8
V - Suggestions of additional services for Xpresso Lube 9

I - Xpresso Lube’s Service Package

Supporting Facility

In Xpresso Lube, Charlie provided lifts in the workshop so that customers can have a view of their cars to take a look at the problems the staff had mentioned. This gains customer loyalty, by ensuring that the customers do not get ripped off, as to encourage the spreading of Xpresso Lube’s quality services via the word of mouth. There are two additional stalls for customers to have their car oil changed, in order to prevent a bottleneck from occurring. In order to increase the level of comfort in Xpresso Lube, there is also a café, providing customers with beverages so that they can have the luxury of freshly made coffee while waiting for their cars to be serviced. All these facilities are indoor. However, Charlie did provide an outdoor space for his staff to work on customers’ cars when the weather is pleasant. This way, Charlie can deal with the flow of customers as they have more stations to serve their customers.

A transportation facility is provided to fetch customers from workshop back to their offices and vice versa. As many of the customers only have time during their lunch period or the end of the day to service their cars. Therefore by providing this, they able to merely spend 10 to 20 minutes to get down to workshop and get their car serviced and get back to work.

Facilitating Goods

One of the main facilitating goods in Xpresso Lube is the coffee that they provide. Customers receive high quality, freshly brewed coffee made at the point of order, rather than stale coffee brewed when the shop opens for the day. Having a coffee plantation in Costa Rica, Charlie is equipped with the knowledge in bringing in the best coffee beans as possible to ensure customer satisfaction.

Another facilitating goods is the oil Xpresso Lube provides to change the cars’ oil. Charlie has to make sure the oil they use is of quality so that it won’t damage his customers’ cars. Some of the higher end cars in the market cannot run as well with low quality oil, the oil will also harm their engines in the long run. Therefore, to ensure quality and satisfaction, Charlie has to take note of the oil he uses.


After seeing other workshops providing false information to customers, ripping them off, Charlie is determined to provide correct and efficient information to customers. In order to ensure that, Charlie has provided his customers with the lift, so that his customers can see for themselves where the problems lie with their car, instead of just listening to some employee not knowing that in fact there is nothing wrong with the car. Charlie also has to provide efficient information of whether there are available slots for more cars to come in for servicing, by doing so he can have make arrangements with customers to make appointments and bookings. Charlie can hence, ease the flow of customers coming, preventing a bottleneck after working hours at 5pm.

Explicit Services

In Xpresso Lube, the explicit services the customers can see is the service attitude of Charlie’s employees, the quality of service being provided; whether the oil change is quick and of high quality, also the ability of the café to provide quality food and drinks to customers. Transportation services are also provided to reduce customers’ travelling time as mentioned above earlier. All this benefits can be seen by customers, the quality of the service the Xpresso Lube provides can also be perceived.

Implicit Services

Xpresso Lube provides a clean environment to customers, with carpeted floors, tables and...
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