Case Study on Unity Bank

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In the context of computing, A Legacy system refers to any outdated computer systems, programming languages or application software which are preferred instead of currently available latest upgraded versions. Every organization would start with a system from the initial start to come into existence and with the change in technology in this modern age there are vast advancements which leave these systems in terms of performance and efficiency. And if the organization continue using these systems which they have started with, it indicates that they are running on legacy systems. Every application and software package or a computer system would definitely undergo a change in its life cycle which makes organizations come to a situation to decide on “Whether to replace the existing legacy system or just refurbish it?” Legacy systems share similar characteristics regardless of industry, business, or application focus. Usually, these systems are more than seven years old, may or may not be mission critical, use outmoded or different proprietary technologies, have poorly structured program code, have ineffective reporting systems, and use system and human resources inefficiently. To further complicate these systems, the original design and development team may have changed, leaving the current support team without a complete understanding of the detailed operation of the system. In other words, legacy systems are usually the systems that everyone fears and no one wants to support. An old Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) package that may even still run on a mainframe are some of the typical examples we can consider for legacy system which every IT organization would come across whenever a new software version of the same comes into existence. This has been an issue for all the organizations and based on their strategic decisions the organizations either adopt the option of replacing the legacy system or refurbishing the existing...

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